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Lewis Andrews

From work on international Hollywood Feature Films, TV shows, Music Videos to TV commercials or branded content, Lewis realises your vision in every sense. 


Lewis Andrews, founder of Wonderfilm Pictures, has worked closely with VFX Supervisors who pioneered some of the world’s earliest CGI on films like “The Terminator” (1984) and the Oscar-winning “Gladiator.” He has cultivated an extensive network of VFX relationships in the film and TV industry, including VFX Producers, Supervisors, On-Set Crew, Vendors, and compositors. Lewis’s on-set role primarily supports the essential contributions of the VFX department, from artists and compositors to 2D and 3D specialists, riggers, and lighters. His background in various creative fields and his passion for detailed workflows enrich all his roles, from Lead VFX Data Wrangler to VFX Supervisor, ensuring every project is creatively satisfying and comprehensive.

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Lewis has captured thousands of HDRIs on set using Wonderfilm Pictures’ VFX equipment, including specially engineered nodal camera heads like the Nodal Ninja 5. These tools help capture detailed 360° and panoramic photography quickly, even under tight deadlines and varying light conditions. He uses PTGui to process these captures, ensuring high-quality and consistent results.

FileMaker is central to Lewis’s on-set and post-production workflow, using his custom databases for capturing slates, camera notes, measurements, VFX details, and set diagrams or photos. He has developed systems to track VFX shots, manage vendor bids, and produce daily reports, helping to name assets and track file paths on SSDs or online servers during VFX shows.

Terrabytes of photogrammetry data are crucial for reconstructing assets or environments in post-production. Lewis ensures comprehensive coverage and detailed asset recording using equipment ranging from Lidar to drones.

Handling a 50% Chrome/Matte gray ball in front of cameras may seem straightforward, but it’s an essential part of VFX supervision. Wonderfilm Pictures manufactures these VFX balls in-house, ensuring quality and consistency.

Lewis is passionate about data management, emphasizing the importance of organized, quickly accessible data. He has developed sophisticated FileMaker systems to manage and track data effectively, enhancing productivity and efficiency on set.

Despite its mundanity, Lewis values lens gridding for its precision. He meticulously creates detailed reports from the Lens Grid sessions, capturing necessary data for editorial and tracking purposes. Using a specialized micro crew, he ensures every capture is seamless, paying close attention to the dolly’s length, the floor’s flatness, the light distribution, and required focus pulling sequences or grain.

Lewis has a range of VFX kit to make VFX magic happen, from DSLRs, Nodal Ninja Head, Sigma 8mm Fisheye Lens and more. 

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