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Lewis Andrews

From work on international Hollywood Feature Films, TV shows, Music Videos to TV commercials or branded content, Lewis realises your vision in every sense. 

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Lewis’s filmmaking is driven by a profound love for storytelling and a deep sensitivity to cultural nuances, influenced by his global travels and passion for fashion. His filmmaking process is fluid, encompassing every creative facet from sound and production design to enhancing set atmospheres, ensuring maximum creativity in every project.

Lewis’s directing services offer a comprehensive start-to-finish approach, covering producing, production planning, shooting, camera operating, editing, VFX composition, and final delivery. His experience with major Hollywood productions has equipped him with cutting-edge techniques, blending grand cinematic elements with his unique storytelling style. 


Lewis’s approach to filmmaking is deeply rooted in a passion for storytelling and a nuanced understanding of diverse cultures. His travels around the world working on Hollywood feature films and streaming shows not only inspire his narratives but also enrich his visual style, which blends elements from various cultures with the intricate stylizations found in global fashion.


In his films, Lewis masterfully contrasts vibrant, colorful personalities with darker, more introspective backdrops or crafts minimalistic plots that are dense with emotional complexity. This ability to play with visual and thematic contrasts defines his unique cinematic language, which engages audiences by inviting them to delve deeper into the narrative.


Lewis believes in the power of collaboration to bring a film to life. He values the contributions of every crew member, integrating their expertise seamlessly into the filmmaking process. This inclusive approach ensures that from the auditory ambiance to the tactile details of production design, every element is thoughtfully considered and contributes to the overall narrative.


Through his films, Lewis explores the vast landscapes of human emotions and cultural beauty, reflecting on how everyday interactions and personal stories can transcend cultural boundaries. His work is a testament to the belief that every person and every moment holds a story worth telling, crafted through a lens that respects and celebrates diversity.

Wonderfilm Pictures will plan and lead a project from inception to completion, meticulously addressing the client’s creative vision and budgetary requirements. If you have a concept or budget in mind, we encourage you to reach out for a discussion to explore what we can achieve together. We expertly manage mid-range to large budgets, infusing each project with just the right amount of creative passion, bolstered by our experience in global Hollywood productions. Creative briefs are crafted with your budget and expectations as our priority, enriched with the finest of our creative and logistical insights. Designed to ensure the final cut captivates your audience with a touch of wonder.

Throughout his freelance career, Lewis has harnessed his passion for cinematography, directing music videos, commercials, and branded content for iconic brands like Nike, Puma, and Sony Music. His skills have also made waves in television, especially in VFX plate shoots where he collaborates closely with DOPs and Visual Effects Supervisors to capture crucial additional photography, seamlessly integrated into the final edits. His experience on Hollywood productions such as “James Bond – No Time To Die,” “Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning Part One,” and “Fast & Furious 9” has provided countless hours to study and learn from some of the industry’s top professionals. This exposure has enhanced his own techniques in operating, rigging, and choreographing for his freelance work in music videos, short films, and commercials. Lewis has mastered a variety of cameras, from the advanced RED Komodo X and RED Komodo 6K, RED DMC2 Helium, to more compact models like the Sony FS6 and Sony A7S Mk II.

Lewis’s signature style features a natural affinity for handheld shots, but he equally reveres the art of Steadicam, a technique he skillfully adapts with his adept use of handheld gimbals. His initial foray into gimbal work began with the Ronin, which he wielded on numerous projects, gaining notable recognition with his work on “The Princess of Symmetry.” This exposure led to a gig shooting a music video for the eclectic grime group Vibbar’s track “Sweden.” For long-duration shoots, Lewis prefers a handheld 3-axis stabilized gimbal paired with a Ready Rig or Easy Rig, ideal for executing smooth, short-distance tracking shots from a Segway. His prowess with the Ronin 2 at an interview in Pinewood with XM2 secured him a role as a Drone Tech Assistant on the “Fast & Furious 9” film.

Editing is one of Lewis’s favourite parts of the filmmaking process because it’s when you can first truly see a vision come to life on film. Sound becomes a crucial element, opening up opportunities to empower the concept and enhance audience engagement. The process starts with a reckless edit—a saturated version that might not initially work but contains everything Lewis envisions. This edit is refined layer by layer, stripping away the excess to reveal a fresh timeline that showcases the most impactful cuts from both a visual and storytelling perspective. Lewis believes in methods like extending a cut to build suspense or showcasing cinematography in its pure form. There are no set rules. For all of Wonderfilm’s clients, editing is treated as a careful balance to enhance the story and bring characters to life on screen.

Director Lewis Andrews at Wonderfilm Pictures collaborates closely with Richard Akam, founder of AKA MUSIK Records. Their partnership has strengthened over the last 15 years, fueling the development of concepts for short films, music videos, and commercials. This collaboration has delivered outstanding projects for clients such as Vogue India, Sony Music, and Nike. Their approach to sound design is holistic, with no right or wrong way to tackle a creative brief, always striving to express the truest artistic vision.

Lewis’s background in graphic design informs every aspect of his work. Wonderfilm Pictures often requires stunning visual presentations or pitch decks, which are meticulously crafted by the company. Graphic design ties multiple creative elements together in a film project, from understanding composition and color usage in graphics to selecting the perfect photography for treatments and other assets. Wonderfilm’s graphic design services are frequently used for creating artistic layouts for album art and marketing materials for client’s social media.

Lewis has always been drawn to working hands-on with art and crafts, utilizing whatever materials are available. In production design, the materials used for Wonderfilm’s props and sets play a crucial role in enriching the visual narrative on screen. Wonderfilm leverages methodologies and secrets learned from some of the industry’s top production designers, often from Hollywood productions. Despite close ties to the VFX world, Wonderfilm always attempts practical effects in-camera first to explore possibilities before resorting to CG. This preference for real-world materials is central to Wonderfilm’s approach to any creative endeavor, enhancing the VFX compositing process when necessary.

Wonderfilm Pictures is attuned to the evolving landscape of the creative industries and the implications of AI. Committed to adapting alongside industry developments, Wonderfilm recognizes the profound changes AI brings and incorporates this awareness into daily practices.

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