Filmmaking for Lewis Andrews has always emblazoned a dreamlike path to storytelling. From making horror movies every Halloween with his friends to working alongside his childhood idols.

Most recently, Lewis has worked on American Hollywood blockbusters’ Fast & Furious 9 (2021), James Bond ‘No Time To Dies, Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning, Marvel Studios’ Secret Invasion, and Cinderella in XM2 Cine’s aerial camera department. He has worked in Lead VFX positions on shows such as Gran Turismo (Sony Pictures) and Cita-del. He has worked in VFX Data Wrangling on Nefflix, Amazon, HBO and CBS shows.

Lewis produces, directs, shoots and edits commercials for brands such as Nike, Puma, and Vogue. He has also direct-ed music videos for Sony Music and independent artists.


He started his film career as a child in his living room, making a short 3-minute movie starring his father In the movie, his father is watching an old 19 02 French film “A Trip to the Moon” by Georges Nies from a Super 8 projector when a demon creeps into frame behind him (Lewis’s mother with a tablecloth over her head).

Lewis is now working in his dream place where 14-hour shifts in movie studios and international locations are fused with watching every detailed aspect of the movie making process.

“The most epic moment I’ve had to date is Tom Cruise saluting me from a helicopter, parachuting out of it onto a mountain in Norway and landing a foot away from me. I love everything about the filmmaking process, and I am just at the beginning.”

An immersive approach

Lewis looks at the world as if it were a movie. He is fascinated by human behaviour and characters. At night, he is inspired by his dreams and applies a cinematic visual language to his work. His craft is all-encompassing and begins with true film artistry, but he’s not afraid to go against traditional filmmaking. He is not intimidated to challenge things, He is naturally drawn to art that can make you tingle all over, laugh or even cry, His head is bursting with big ideas for the screen.

From work on international Hollywood feature films, music videos to TV commercials or digital content, Lewis realises your vision in every sense. His 24-hour imagination is constantly thriving, but he can make any-one’s idea seem tangible too – he gets excited by outra-geous and left field requests. Delivering something memorable and epic every time, even with a touch of wonder. Lewis believes there can be an element of mys-tique or darkness in everything and uses this thinking to enrich the storytelling in his films.

You might get hooked on working with Lewis. Along his journey, he’s been drawn to so many fabulous individuals, He only chooses the best people to work with on your projects.

Lewis enjoys the whole creative process involved in the early planning stages of filmmaking. From creating the whole visual concept and story, designing the treat-ment, selecting the colour palette, building and design-ing physical sets, sourcing costumes and props, scout-ing locations, integrating the latest visual effects, choosing the right lenses, to editing the finished product.