Blocks Music Video

Ebru Ellios

ARTIST:Ebru Ellis
LABEL:Goshen Music

Blocks – Ebru Ellis Breaks Boundaries in a Vibrant New Music Video

Ebru Ellis, former X Factor contestant, recently launched a dynamic and expressive music video for her latest single, Blocks. The song, a loud expressionist piece, is a powerful anthem about overcoming obstacles and maintaining motivation to achieve one’s goals.

The video for Blocks takes viewers on a day in the life of Ellis, providing a glimpse into her dedication to fitness, healthy living, and her unwavering positive attitude. The narrative is designed to infuse the song’s motivational undertones and to highlight Ellis’s resilience and upbeat outlook on life.

Filmed in various locations around London, including a stylish, industrial factory-style apartment in Farringdon with 70s-retro inspired interiors, and the quaint red brick houses on streets of Hampstead, the video is a testament to Ellis’s independent lifestyle. Her ability to support herself while pursuing her dreams is portrayed throughout the video, symbolising her strength and perseverance.

The video cleverly leverages the symbolism of actual blocks. A Jenga game that Ellis plays in the morning, becomes a metaphor for life’s precarious balance – even when a block is removed from the bottom row, it somehow manages to balance itself, much like Ellis maintains her equilibrium amidst life’s challenges. The metaphor is carried further when Ellis encounters a child on the street playing with large foam toy building blocks. With a simple touch, Ellis ignites each block into a different vibrant colour, evoking joy and wonder in the child, and metaphorically transforming obstacles into opportunities.

In the video’s climactic conclusion, Ellis is seen attending a meeting with a record label executive at a high-rise building in London. She presents her track, and the executive, clearly impressed, loves it. This triumphant moment subtly pokes fun at Simon Cowell, who famously described Ellis as “forgettable” during her X Factor audition. Through this scene, Ellis defiantly proves that she is anything but forgettable, demonstrating her resilience and her determination to succeed against all odds.

With her latest release under Goshen Music, Blocks, Ellis continues to inspire listeners with her authentic storytelling and her message of perseverance and determination.  The video is a colourful and captivating journey through Ellis’s life, showcasing her commitment to her craft, her positive outlook, and her determination to overcome obstacles.


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